Aurora is a historic river town that is situated 35 miles west of Cincinnati, Ohio, located in the Southeast corner of Indiana. Aurora was settled in the early 1800's and incorporated in 1845 and has strong historic connections to the Ohio River. Aurora is full of unique and historic buildings that preserve its older rivercity characteristics.

City Government


Donnie Hastings, Jr. -


Randolph Turner -

City Attorney

Jeff Stratman -

City Council - District 1

John E. Borgman -

City Council - District 2

Michael Crider -

City Council - District 3

Benny Turner -

City Council - District 4

Kevin Gerke -

City Council - At Large

Joe Milish -

City Manager

Guinevere Emery -

Code Enforcement

Rick Grubbs -

Utilities Superintendent

Randolph Turner -

Police Chief

Josh Daugherty -

Fire Chief

Jeff Lane -

County Government Website -